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You are an experienced astronaut in a routine spacewalk. A spacewalk just like any other...

But suddenly, you are pulled into a gigantic asteroid by its hyper gravitational field. Luckily you didn't get smashed on its surface, but instead you've been sucked into one of the asteroid's caverns. The gravity is pulling you faster and faster...

The only thing you can do is avoid crashing by using your jet-pack bursts... As you go forward you remember your life, and realize that in space no one can hear you die...

But at the distance you see a faint light. You know it must be the exit... Will you escape? How much longer will you stay alive?

Keys: SPACE to burst | [M] Music on/off | [S] Sound FX on/off

One of the hardest games you will ever play... Have you got what it takes to survive the 99.9 second nerve-wracking disturbing ride?

Original release date: 16 March 2013

Made with Flixel and AS3.

I will make a hiscore reset in the beginning of every month (ok, probably not...)

Published Feb 18, 2017
AuthorP. Barberz
TagsFast-Paced, Gravity, one-button, Pixel Art, Retro, Sci-fi, Side Scroller, Space
Average sessionA few seconds
InputsKeyboard, Mouse

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